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Uterine Fibroids?!?! 14 year-old help!?!?

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

Question: Uterine Fibroids?!?! 14 year-old help!?!?
im fourteen years old and have really bad i mean BAD cramps. my mom says that most the women in her side of the faimly have uterine fibroids…

my periods are so bad that three heating pads (one on my stomach my back and my side) two advil two ibprofen two specified for cramps pills none of it works and i end up crying and not being able to sleep. ( i’m not one of the girly girls im used to taking beatings to my body but it hurt super bad!!)

so my question is:

do you think i have uterine fibroids?

if i were to have them removed at such a young age if i had them would i still be able to have a child?

help for the pain?

Best answer:

Answer by pawnemail72
GO to a doctor thats all i can say

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