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IVF Endometriosis – Will it Work?

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

IVF Endometriosis

Will it succeed?

Most likely. At this time there has not been a great deal of research done on Endometriosis and IVF for endometriosis sufferers, however we do have certain evidence that suggests that IVF Endometriosis may still facilitate pregnancy.

On the other hand, a new research project determined that In Vitro Fertilization does not have as good a success rate for women suffering from endometriosis as it does for women who have damaged or blocked fallopian tubes. How effectively IVF Endometriosis performs will also depend on the clinic you choose to use and how old you are because as a woman ages, she becomes less likely to get pregnant.

Endometriosis and IVF is an extremely strenuous therapy that can come with some side effects.

What are the side effects of IVF Endometriosis?

IVF is an acronym for in vitro fertilisation and it is the most frequently used kind of assisted reproductive technology or ART. This implies that researchers inside a lab employ a woman’s eggs and a man’s sperm to assist the couple in conceiving a baby.

Medical professionals typically recommend IVF Endometriosis when other remedies have failed. Endometriosis and IVF can aid couples with infertility resulting from many various issues.

Researchers combine the eggs and the sperm in a lab, where the sperm will fertilize the egg. That is where the term “in vitro” part of IVF comes into play. Doctors will then place the now fertilised eggs, that are now embryos,  inside of the woman’s uterus where one or more will implant themselves and begin to grow, just like a natural pregnancy.

How Does IVF Endometriosis Help?

We are not entirely sure how well the IVF treatment works on a woman who is suffering from endometriosis, however, we do know a lot of general information about In Vitro Fertilization.

  • One such IVF study done on some couples with many different types of infertility problems found that the IVF therapy can increase the likelihood of getting pregnant. Just know that the first IVF treatment you have may not work. You will probably need several different IVF sessions before you will see any results.
  • National statistics have shown that couples with infertility problems who utilize IVF have got around a one in five possibility of conceiving a child after only one session.But we are not sure how many of thes pregnancies resulted from the IVF of natural conception. Keep in mind that this is only an average and your own chances will depend on where you choose to have your IVF Endometriosis treatments done.
  • If feasible, you will want to go to a large fertility clinic for your IVF sessions because these clinics will have a much higher success rate for pregnancy using IVF than the smaller clinics will.
  • Endometriosis and IVF performs best for women who are under the age of 35. The odds that the treatment will work will quickly decline after a woman is over 35.
  • If you have been experiencing infertility problems that have spanned over several years this will also decrease your chances of getting pregnant when using the IVF Endometriosis treatment.

Why should IVF Treatment Succeed?

When a female becomes pregnant the natural way,it occurs when the mature egg has been fertilized by a man’s sperm after the egg has made its way to the fallopian tube. The now fertilized egg will now make its way to the uterus where it will implant itself and the woman will officially be deemed pregnant.

If the fallopian tubes or ovaries are damaged or blocked because of endometriosis the mature egg may not have the ability to get out of the ovary or the sperm might not be able to get to the egg if it does get released.

By using IVF Endometriosis, the process of removing the eggs from the female’s ovaries and fertilizing them with sperm in a lab, surgeons are able to get around the risk of damaging the ovaries or fallopian tubes. The IVF fertilized eggs will then be placed directly in the womb where they can develop normally.

Additionally, even if your case of endometriosis is not affecting your ovaries or tubes, there still might be other various ways to impact a woman’s likelihood of conceiving a child. IVF Endometriosis may be able to help your problem.

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