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Fibroid (Endometrial) biopsy and now extremely heavy bleeding?

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Question: Fibroid (Endometrial) biopsy and now extremely heavy bleeding?
My mom had a tiny fibroid removed physically for biopsy and the doctor found she had about 3 tiny fibroid in her uterus.
The problem is that since the biopsy and removal of the fibroid, my mom has been having extremely heavy bleeding that refuses to stop! She had periods for over 2 weeks consistently and she had to take medicine to make them stop or otherwise my mom thinks they would never have stopped.
But she still has heavy bleeding and continuous bleeding and her menstrual cycle is out of place and completely irregular – not 10 days pass but her bleeding starts again.

before the biopsy she had heavy bleeding as well but for the 10 days and then the cycle would start regularly but now they won’t stop! :(

Have any of you had this experience? Why does this bleeding not stop since the biopsy? And why is the cycle completely disrupted?
are there any natural treatments for this?
I’ve heard apple cider vinegar (with baking soda) works? Is it true?
Please answer this and I’d be very grateful. :)
Thank you very much.
@Peachy1 Thank you for your answer! yes, my mom has contacted the doctor – all she did was give her some medications for the heavy bleeding but the medicine worked for about the first month and then didn’t work – the bleeding was still heavy – but then she can’t just keep taking medicine!

Best answer:

Answer by Peachy1
Your mom needs to call the GYN doctor that performed the biopsy to report the escalation of symptoms ASAP because something is not right.

Avoid the vinegar and baking soda thing – that’s how my Mom used to clean/clear slow sink drains, for Pete’s sake! There is a foaming reaction between the two that I doubt she’d want occurring within her vagina when there is already so much else going on.

Have her call the doctor as s/he would be the best person to answer these questions.

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