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does anyone else have uterine fibroids?? I’m only 26?

Friday, June 13th, 2014

Question: does anyone else have uterine fibroids?? I’m only 26?
I have a 9mm fibroid growth on the OUTSIDE of my uterus.

I’m trying to get pregnant.

2 miscarriages within 5 months of each other.

I was told it effects African American women at a greater rate, and i am one quarter black.

However my age concerns me because most women don’t get them until they are 35 at the youngest I’ve read.

has anyone experienced these at my or even if not has anyone gotten pregnant while having this? Infertility issues? And anything else u can tell me would be appreciated.

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Answer by none
Fibroids are very common among females. A 9mm (NOT cm) fibroid outside your uterus should not cause miscarriage. There might be other reasons for it. Usually fibroids are left alone and they tend to either shrink or disappear once a woman reaches menopause. They need intervention if they cause lots of bleeding or grow really fast and cause pain etc. or cause miscarriages. Again, go to ob/gyn and get checked for other causes of miscarraige. Gud luk to you!

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