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Uterine fibroids?

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Question: Uterine fibroids?
Has anyone here had Uterine fibroids?
If so, what symptoms did you have,
and how did you get rid of them?

Best answer:

Answer by pretzypieI haven’t personally had uterine fibroids, but my Mom has had them. I did some reading about fibroids not too long ago and learned that there may be no symptoms. Some women are not aware they have fibroids and this is not necessarily a problem. They may be picked up during a routine gynaecological examination.

When a woman has symptoms are usually related to the fibroid or fibroids’ size. They usually don’t cause much in the way of symptoms until they result in the uterus growing to the size of a about a 14 week pregnancy

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Uterine Fibroids?!?! 14 year-old help!?!?

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

Question: Uterine Fibroids?!?! 14 year-old help!?!?
im fourteen years old and have really bad i mean BAD cramps. my mom says that most the women in her side of the faimly have uterine fibroids…

my periods are so bad that three heating pads (one on my stomach my back and my side) two advil two ibprofen two specified for cramps pills none of it works and i end up crying and not being able to sleep. ( i’m not one of the girly girls im used to taking beatings to my body but it hurt super bad!!)

so my question is:

do you think i have uterine fibroids?

if i were to have them removed at such a young age if i had them would i still be able to have a child?

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Fibroid (Endometrial) biopsy and now extremely heavy bleeding?

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Question: Fibroid (Endometrial) biopsy and now extremely heavy bleeding?
My mom had a tiny fibroid removed physically for biopsy and the doctor found she had about 3 tiny fibroid in her uterus.
The problem is that since the biopsy and removal of the fibroid, my mom has been having extremely heavy bleeding that refuses to stop! She had periods for over 2 weeks consistently and she had to take medicine to make them stop or otherwise my mom thinks they would never have stopped.
But she still has heavy bleeding and continuous bleeding and her menstrual cycle is out of place and completely irregular – not 10 days pass but her bleeding starts again.

before the biopsy she had heavy bleeding as well but for the 10 days and… Continue reading

Possible fibroid. attached ultrasound photo. thick uterine wall?

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Question: Possible fibroid. attached ultrasound photo. thick uterine wall?
Should I be concerned? The OBGYN was doing a transvag ultrasound to clear me for a research study and found what she thinks could be a fibroid. She also said my uterus had an abnormal thickness.
This procedure was done 1 week after my period ended.
I’m wondering if I should have the procedure done again at another time in my cycle? She said if I were her patient she would do that.
Anyone adept at reading these things?

Best answer:

Answer by DanielYes, you should be concerned.

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How to Treat Uterine Fibroids?

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Question: How to Treat Uterine Fibroids?
How to treat Uterine Fibroids? Has anyone had any luck on reducing their uterine fibroids with herbs? If so, can you tell me the name of the medicine which you use?

Best answer:

Answer by IcecreamI had used a Chinese herbal medicine called Hysteromyoma Plaster to cure my uterine fibroids. Now my fibroids had been gone without surgery. The plaster is made by traditional Chinese medicine and has no side effects, so you can use it securely. For moer details, you can visit or contact with me. Wish you better soon!

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does anyone else have uterine fibroids?? I’m only 26?

Friday, June 13th, 2014

Question: does anyone else have uterine fibroids?? I’m only 26?
I have a 9mm fibroid growth on the OUTSIDE of my uterus.

I’m trying to get pregnant.

2 miscarriages within 5 months of each other.

I was told it effects African American women at a greater rate, and i am one quarter black.

However my age concerns me because most women don’t get them until they are 35 at the youngest I’ve read.

has anyone experienced these at my or even if not has anyone gotten pregnant while having this? Infertility issues? And anything else u can tell me would be appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by noneFibroids are very common among females. A 9mm (NOT cm) fibroid outside your uterus should not cause miscarriage. There might be other reasons for it. Usually fibroids… Continue reading

what natural way can I get rid of my fibroids?

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Question: what natural way can I get rid of my fibroids?
Natural cures for uterus fibroids

Best answer:

Answer by Cutter McGeeOne natural cure for uterine fibroids would be to use a natural progesterone cream. Dr. John R. Lee put a book out a number of years ago called, “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause”. Very interesting read. Also, if you do a search on Natural Progesterone Cream you’ll find a number of informative sites that should give you an idea of how progesterone may help rid you of the fibroids naturally.

As always, be sure to work with your physician should you decide to try the cream. It always helps to… Continue reading

Fibroids and an enlarged uterus?

Monday, June 9th, 2014

Question: Fibroids and an enlarged uterus?
If I have an enlarged uterus not due to pregnancy will that cause my tummy to look as if I am pregnant. And no I am not overweight. Also do fibroids come with tummy pains on a regular basis?

Best answer:

Answer by ajsartzDepends on how large your uterus is, but for the vast majority of cases, an enlarged uterus is highly unlikely to make you look as if you were pregnant.

Fibroids can cause cramping, particularly around the time of your period. They can also cause heavier, longer and/or more irregular periods. Hope this helps!

Aj : )

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Can uterine fibroids turn into cancer?

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

Question: Can uterine fibroids turn into cancer?

Best answer:

Answer by LittleMissMaggieNo. They have no malignant potential. However, they can cause abnormal bleeding and lead to anemia. They are also a common cause of infertility.

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fibroid changes in breasts?

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

Question: fibroid changes in breasts?
I recently found a bead like lump in my breast, I went to my gynocologist and she found more on the other breast.She called them fibroid changes and suggested a vitamin supplement and a follow up visit in 8 weeks. Has anyone had these changes happened to them, and what happens after?

Best answer:

Answer by AnnieFibroid changes she’s referring to are ‘fibroadenoma’. ….also known as ‘breast mouse’. These are mostly benign (non cancerous) fibrous changes of the breast mass.
Since you’re probably young…your doc probably wants to first correlate the finding with your menstrual cycle then follow up to see if there are any changes later.
If it… Continue reading